New exclusive label to CTD, New Granada has wasted zero time, hitting the bricks (as those that hit bricks say) with their new CD only release from COEDSThrill Me! out a mere few days from now, on September 2nd. Not only have they premiered the video for “Push” via Creative Loafing Tampa Bay (check it for yourself below), but SLUG Magazine also called it “wild, harmonious and consistently upbeat. At this point, there is a need to acknowledge a live performance as the optimal venue to experience COEDS in their natural environment. No doubt, it would be an erratic affair that mixes an explosive cocktail of sound with antics that would make for a nearly unforgettable evening”, while shared their review, adding “If you like loud aggressive underground guitar rock, you’re likely to get a major charge out of this one. There was a time years ago when most of the cool underground guitar bands in this country were based in either Texas or further out west. Nowadays some of the more gutsy and inspired bands seem to be popping up on Tampa, Florida’s New Granada label and the always tasteful Happy Happy Birthday To Me label based in Athens, Georgia.”

What do we call that?  We call that PROPS.