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From one legend to another! Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox sat down with Pylon’s vocalist, Vanessa Briscoe Hay, for Eldredge ATL to discuss the origins of Pylon Live, their 2xLP on Chunklet set for release on July 25th, late guitarist Randy Bewley’s birthday. Perhaps the setting is best set by the Pylon vocalist:

“I could recount the times and places that my path has crossed with that of Bradford Cox, but that wouldn’t tell you how dear he is to me and what a good friend he has been. Even though I may have only had the opportunity every now and then to hang out, he is well, words fail me sometimes. I first met him after Pylon performed our reunion show back in 2004 at Little Kings. That was a show which was supposed to be an unannounced practice of sorts and people drove in from all over, including Bradford. He had been introduced to some of our records as well as those of some other Athens, GA artists during his childhood. It turns out he was born in Athens, but his family moved on to Atlanta where he grew up.

He became one of our biggest supporters. Pylon opened for Deerhunter in Atlanta on Halloween 2008, not too many months before our guitarist Randy Bewley died. Deerhunter covered our song ‘Cool,’ which the DFA released as one side of a single. Bradford also helped record the last three songs for Supercluster so that we could finish our CD ‘Waves.’ I couldn’t think of anyone else that I wanted to come in and finish what Randy had started, even though I know so many other great guitarists. Bradford and Randy’s sensibilities and approach to sound are very similar. It’s something that you can’t put your finger on, teach someone or copy and yet they don’t sound a thing alike.

Anyway, Bradford agreed to interview Michael Lachowski and I for this piece to help bring attention to our upcoming release on Chunklet, Pylon Live. This is actually the second time he has interviewed us. He also talked to us for his blog back in 2007. I was struck then and now by his openness and curiosity. It was a pleasure to have a dialogue with Michael Lachowski and Bradford Cox. I hope our paths cross again someday soon.”



(An early band photo from 1979 taken by bassist Michael Lachowski in drummer Curtis Crowe’s downtown loft)



The latest addition to the ever-growing roster of Wharf Cat, Trust Punks plot the unleashing of their latest LP/CD, Double Bind, on July 22nd. According to the braintrust at Wharf Cat, “Double Bindaggressively consolidates their strengths as one of the most exhilarating young acts out there – blisteringly sharp, smart and spry….From Polvo to This Heat, from Can to Wire, from Stereolab to The Birthday Party – it’s all in here, synthesized and absorbed into something new and hungry. In a time where there’s more vying for your attention than ever – more outrage, more distraction, more content – Double Bind ticks all the boxes. It’s angry for all the same reasons you are, but it’s also involving and intricate, a record to get lost in. And like the best records of its kind, it seeps into your brain, your feet, your being.”

That’s some mighty company!  But they aren’t the only tooters tooting horns about Trust Punks:  Pitchfork reviewed the tracks “Good Luck With That” and also reviewed “Leaving Room For The Lord”, stating that “…Trust Punks specialize in contrasting beauty and brutality: While their rhythm section churns like a rusty chainsaw blade, their guitars thrash into a melodic blur,” and that their output “scratches at nastier surfaces – the corroded post-hardcore Slint of mouth-breather Britt Walford, rather than David Pajo‘s ambient leanings – and administers scathing self-scrutiny to the band’s existence and environs.” Both Noisey/Vice and The Fader have interviewed the group as well.  Prepare yourself.




Limited Fanfare, new to the CTD exclusive family of labels, dropped this gem of an LP/CD/CAS on us, Sabana Ghost from Heavy Drag (slated for release on July 22nd), ready to streamline your skull with epicness. Stereogum has premiered their track for the ultra-cut “Leave It Alone”, while Post-Trash has premiered the video for “Kinda Slow”. The band are restless, itching to get out on the highways – they’ll be out on tour in early July! Check out the video below!

07/06 – Gainesville, FL @ The Atlantic
07/07 – Panama City Beach, FL @ Mosey’s
07/08 – Birmingham, AL @ The Nick
07/09 – Nashville, TN @ The Foobar
07/12 – Brooklyn, NY @ Union Pool
07/13 – Philadelphia, PA @ Kung-Fu Necktie
07/14 – Chapel Hill, NC @ The Cave
07/17 – Jacksonville, FL @ Jack Rabbit’s
07/22 – Miami, FL @ Churchill’s Pub


LP cover v2

It’s almost July, and though summer brings the heat and the sweat, nothing has prepared you for this:

Athens, GA’s ABSOLUTELY-UNMISTAKABLY-LEGENDARY-AS-ALL-GET-OUT, Pylon, will be releasing LIVE, an amazing pristine live 2xLP on Chunklet on July 25th, in celebration of guitarist Randy Bewley’s (RIP) birthday.  Don’t be afraid of the “live” album quotient here – this recording is as if you were at Austin City Limits, watching a taping of a professionally recorded for TV show.  No kidding.  All of Pylon‘s releases are long out of print on vinyl, and this will be the only vinyl release available from this stellar band. Set your batwatches now for July 25th.

Some of you are freaking out right now.  NEW Pylon?!?!?  I know, I know!  And it’s gonna blow your loving mind. They even whetted your appetite back in May with the 7″ only release Gravity b/w Weather Radio. But some of you, you’re too young, too old, too whatever – you say to yourself “What is Pylon?”  Fair question, and I’ll let the luminaries treat you in their replies:

“Pylon is still my favorite Athens band, in fact, one of my favorite bands!”
-Fred Schneider, The B-52s 

“Randy Bewley and Michael Lachowski’s simple lines display untoward rhythm and melody, respectively. Curtis Crowe bangs away so obdurately it’s hard to understand why he didn’t become rich. Vanessa Briscoe Hay barks and brays whatever incantatory phrases seem called for. Timeless. Cool.”
-Robert Christgau, Dean of American Rock Critics 

“[Pylon] stands as shockingly modern and unparalleled these many years later.”
-Michael Stipe, R.E.M. 


(l-r: Vanessa Hay, Michael Lachowski, Curtis Crowe, Randy Bewley/pic courtesy of Curtis Knapp)



Chicago’s own, Cerise, will be releasing her amazing debut LP/CD Smoke Screen Dreams on June 24th, and she’s premiered the track “To Go Away” to boot!  And…just…what…have…you…done….today?  Huh?  Let’s get inspired, shall we?

The 405 says of the track “The single captures the first music that ever truly stuck with Cerise, back in her early youth getting a first taste of bands like The Cure and Siouxsie And The Banshees. The post-rock tableau definitely borrows a moody tenor from her early inspirations, but there’s enough expansiveness for the Los Angeles musician to noticeably push her own methods.”  Turntable Kitchen reported “This vibe Smoke Screen Dreams from LA by way of Chicago songwriter Cerise is the single best new piece of music I’ve heard this week. It’s airy and darkly romantic with serious presence.” The National Student, not to be outdone, mentioned “her soft alluring vocals chime ‘give me sweet dreams’ over a hazy drum backdrop, coming together to form a peaceful blend of dream pop that’s guaranteed to give you sweet dreams.”

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