LP cover v2

As you should now well know, Pylon, one of the most important exports from Athens GA’s fertile grounds of the early days of the 80s, have released a brilliant 2xLP on Chunklet, Pylon Live, issued on July 25th, on what would have been guitarist Randy Bewley’s birthday.

Needless to say, the interweb has gone nuts.  Pitchfork gushed an 8.0 review stating “Athens, Georgia post-punk outfit Pylon have become one of the best-remembered forgotten bands, a group that initially survived through namedrops—notably, from their far-more-famous local contemporaries in R.E.M. and the B-52’s—before a late-2000s reissue campaign from DFA Records and cover-song endorsements from Deerhunter more firmly entrenched their place in the canon. While hindsight may position them as the missing link between the caterwauling poetry of Patti Smith and the pin-pricked grooves of PiL, Pylon’s mix of vigor and verbosity has reverberated throughout 21st-century indie rock, informing early-‘00s eccentrics like Life Without Buildings and Love Is All, all the way up to the propulsive polemics of modern-day descendants like Savages and Shopping.”

Do yourself, and your summer a favor. Pick this up. Do it right now. Stop what you’re doing currently. It’s irrelevant anyway.  Pylon Live is truly one of the more important documents of one of the truly important great early indie bands.