Vendor Info

First things first, if you are a new label looking for distribution, go to our submissions page.

For all other buying inquiries that aren’t answered on this page, contact us here:

Below is a quick list of FAQ/ best practices to help us most efficiently sell your records.

1. Advance notification
We need 6 weeks advanced notice to sufficiently solicit our customers and give you the best chance for success. We have to make a decision on your release and then have time to pre-sell it to our customers. All release dates less than 6 weeks away will more than likely not be accepted.

2. Info/One Sheet/Cover Art
With this notification, we need a one sheet of info from you that contains the following: ARTIST, TITLE, FORMAT, LABEL NAME, CATALOG NUMBER, UPC/EAN, DISTRIBUTOR/WHOLESALE PRICE, RELEASE DATE, exportability, and some descriptive info on the band, this particular release, the packaging if it’s special, etc. Include cover art in the one sheet. Below is an example of a standard one sheet:

3. Pricing
Pricing for all distributors should be the same but a good rule of thumb to consider is to use the following equation: Wholesale Price = 1/2 List Price. For example, a $19.98 list price LP is usually sold to distributors for $9.50. We cannot control retail pricing for items that we have sold, but generally the market works to make them fairly uniform.

4. Proper, dated invoice
When sending the musical goods we’ve ordered, include an invoice that contains the following information:
-Invoice to: CTD, Ltd.
-Your label name and return (shipping/street) address.
-If it is different than your label name, include to whom the checks should be made payable.
-A PO box if you’d like it sent somewhere different than your street address.
-An itemized listing of what you have sent us with the price for each title and/or format. Also include a total for all items on the invoice.
-We CANNOT PAY YOU without a proper invoice.

-Ship and Invoice to:
CTD, Ltd.
3716 W. Fullerton Ave.
Chicago, IL

5. Shipping, Boxing
-It’s important that we receive your records at least 2 weeks before street date. This ensures that we have the time we need ship to our customers and ready for them to sell by street date. If you’re on the West Coast, it takes 5-7 days or more for your records to get here. If you’re in the Midwest or East Coast, it’s anywhere from 2-4 days.
-Insufficient boxing almost always results in damaged, unsellable goods, which is why it’s important to follow the simple guidelines explained in this video tutorial.

Damaged goods will be returned at your expense. Take a look at our damaged goods policy:


6. Payment
-We pay on 60 day consignment terms (that is, for what’s been sold).
-If the balance due of the currently due invoice is greater than the difference between the total open balance and our stock on hand, then we will simply pay the invoice in full.
-If that difference is smaller and will result in a credit balance with us, then we will provide you with a statement of what’s in stock and balance due and pay the difference between the two.
-Payment is always applied to the oldest open invoice. Any remaining balance is then moved forward either 60 days from payment date or to the payment date of the next open invoice, if any, whichever is sooner.
-We may withhold a return reserve up to 20% of your invoice total from your payment in order to avoid a credit balance after returns.
-WE WILL DESTROY ANY UNRETURNED GOODS TWELVE MONTHS after our best attempt to contact you for an approved return request has failed. This includes any bounced back returns due to an address change.
-All goods are purchased on a 100% returnable basis unless otherwise specified in writing at the time of solicitation. Any balance due CTD as a result of overpayment or vendor returns exceeding open invoices payable by CTD will be payable to CTD upon demand within 30 days.

7. saki – the CTD, Ltd. Web Store
We will make your releases available through our online store. While everything we carry is available, our specialty is direct small label releases.
-If your release is picked up for distribution, please send your buyer 3×3 200dpi JPEG cover art files for us to upload to the store. Smaller than 40kb preferred.

You made it!