For a brief moment at the beginning of the 90s, long before he weilded octopus-like drumming ability in Don Caballero, Damon Che Fitzgerald crafted an album’s worth of some of the most incredibly stunning guitar rock under the moniker Thee Speaking Canaries, playing all of the instruments himself.  On February 3rd, Chunklet offers a limited edition, one-pressing-only LP, Platter Base Must Be Constructed of Moon Rock, detailing the fruits of such labor.  

Check out the video Mind Cure made for the album’s release (note: Mind Cure released The Joy Of Wine, the first official Canaries LP waaaaay back long ago, before you were born. Probably.)



Disappears newest full length LP/CD, Irreal, (out January 20th on Kranky) received a Pitchfork 7.0 review today, but don’t let that sway you – this is a blur of spaced-out/post-punk/krautrock/motorik art like none else. It’s no wonder that the band was tapped to play David Bowie‘s Low in its entirety at the opening of the David Bowie Is Exhibit at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art last November.


(photo courtesy of Patrick Monaghan)

From the Pitchfork brain trust ~

“Instead of questions, answers, and hypotheses, the lyrics on Irreal assume the shape of isolated fragments. Instead of melodies, the instruments trace shrapnel in the wind. ‘I want to remember/ Make me,’ Case demands on ‘Interpretation’ as a roiling drum pattern whips past him. He repeats the words in a steely monotone, only breaking his flat timbre when he throws the occasional ‘oi!’ away from the mike. Somewhere behind him, guitars that don’t sound like guitars play chords that don’t sound like chords. ‘Anything could happen,’ he smirks, and it’s more of a threat than a promise…This is cabin fever at its most intricate, a cage of beautiful repeating patterns that holds no chance of escape.”

Check out the video for “Another Thought” courtesy of Fact Magazine ~

RED RED MEAT “There’s A Star Above The Manger Tonight (Reissue)” Pitchfork 8.0 Review



Chicago’s own RED RED MEAT reissued their seminal final album, There’s A Star Above The Manger Tonight on deluxe LP format in October 2014 via Jealous Butcher, and Pitchfork sets the tone for the Red Red Meat catalog reissue campaign in 2015 with an 8.0 review!

Star Above the Manger, on the other hand, is an album about sound, the place where Red Red Meat fully discovered the studio-as-instrument. One of the reasons the music press loved so much of ’90s alternative rock is because it was heard as moving ‘back to the basics’: loud guitars, heavy drums, and a singer howling in torment. From one angle, it was a conservative movement. Red Red Meat provided an interesting twist on this template with an intent focus on technology. Based in Chicago in the ’90s, Red Red Meat were well aware of what bands in what would eventually come to be called post-rock were doing. The ideas of manipulating a gnarly guitar riff with a computer and snapping beats to a grid were not out of the question. All of those ideas came into full flower on Star Above the Manger. For as much crunchy, blues-based riffing as is going on here, Star feels like it’s happening inside of a computer. The band themselves were drawing inspiration from Teo Macero’s work with Miles Davis, seeing how fragments of live jamming could be altered and re-edited into something new. The result is an album that, even now, 18 years later, still sounds remarkably fresh and like little else.”


(Photo courtesy Sub Pop Records)





CTD will be releasing the new S/T LP/CD from Daniel Knox on February 24th.  Go ahead. Freak out if you want to.  While you are recovering, taste this - Daniel Knox and The Handsome Family will be on tour in the UK in March.  That’s right. You might recall The Handsome Family from the opening credits of HBO‘s series True Detective that ran in 2014 – they provided the theme song “Far From Any Road”! They also released 2 back catalog titles in the fall of 2014 on LP for the first time EVER - Through The Trees & Singing Bones.

More on the tour in a sec – check out the press that’s hatched in early 2015 for Mr. Knox that is already shaping up -





And check out the killer video for “Blue Car” ~


Fri 6 Mar  / London, UK St Giles In The FieldsTICKETS
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Mon 9 Mar / Stirling, UK @ Tolbooth—TICKETS
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Tues 17  Mar  / Reading, UK @ Sub 89—TICKETS
Wed 18 Mar  / Sheffield, UK @ Memorial Hall—TICKETS
Fri 20 Mar  / Liverpool, UK @ The Leaf—TICKETS
Sat 21 Mar  / Manchester, UK @ The Martin Harris Centre—TICKETS
Sun 22 Mar  / Cardiff , UK @ Globe—TICKETS
Mon 23 Mar  / Norwich , UK @ Norwich Arts Centre—TICKETS

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