New exclusive label to CTD, New Granada has wasted zero time, hitting the bricks (as those that hit bricks say) with their new CD only release from COEDSThrill Me! out a mere few days from now, on September 2nd. Not only have they premiered the video for “Push” via Creative Loafing Tampa Bay (check it for yourself below), but SLUG Magazine also called it “wild, harmonious and consistently upbeat. At this point, there is a need to acknowledge a live performance as the optimal venue to experience COEDS in their natural environment. No doubt, it would be an erratic affair that mixes an explosive cocktail of sound with antics that would make for a nearly unforgettable evening”, while shared their review, adding “If you like loud aggressive underground guitar rock, you’re likely to get a major charge out of this one. There was a time years ago when most of the cool underground guitar bands in this country were based in either Texas or further out west. Nowadays some of the more gutsy and inspired bands seem to be popping up on Tampa, Florida’s New Granada label and the always tasteful Happy Happy Birthday To Me label based in Athens, Georgia.”

What do we call that?  We call that PROPS.



By now, surely you’ve been wooed, wowed, and entirely bowled-over by Live, the 2xLP on Chunklet from mighty and legendary Athens quartet PYLON released on July 25th.  If this is hitting you flat, it’s not cause you’re dumb (actually…you might be, but that’s a topic for another time)…I mean just check out what everyone, everywhere (literally!) has been saying from NPR, Atlanta Constitution-Journal, Flagpole, Atlanta Magazine, Blurt, Eldrege ATL, Dusted, Vinyl District, Impose, Aquarium Drunkard, Dangerous Minds, Stereogum, Spin, Immerisve Atlanta, All Music, Bandcamp, Creative Loafing, to the braintrust over at Pitchfork (8.0 review!) – it’s pretty overwhelming for a band that has not existed in over 30 years!

But this is no missive to digest your ineptitude or aptitude (dude)! There’s something truly amazing happening in September. Though founding guitarist Randy Bewely has passed away, Pylon‘s very own Vanessa Briscoe Hay will front a live ensemble, playing the following cities as the PYLON RE-ENACTMENT SOCIETY, with tour mates, Dressy Bessy:

09/21 – Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter

09/22 – Arlington, VA @ Iota

09/23 – Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium

09/24 – NYC @ WFMU/Monty Hall

09/25 – Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda’s

Consider yourselfs lucky residents of Richmond, Arlington, Brooklyn & Philadelphia. Very lucky. Who’s got dibs on the passenger seat?  You’re driving RIGHT? Let me know when you’re picking us up.

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Heidi Lynne Gluck’s “Pony Show” IN STORES NOW!


Friday, August 26th saw the release of Heidi Lynne Gluck‘s Pony Show LP only release on Lotuspool, and the hive-mind of the interwebs stood up, brushed the nacho crumbs off of it’s chest, and took notice ~ Elmore Magazine was first to hit the ground running with the premier of “Mercury Rising” from Pony Show, & Bluegrass Situation premiered the 2nd single & title track, while Heidi was interviewed (receiving heaps o’ praise, no doubt!) on the A.D.D. Podcast with Jason Barr, KUCR reviewed Pony Show, while My Old Kentucky Blog gushed and gushed, putting the highlight on their cover page for Pony Show.




Mondays – they don’t get better than this.  Pitchfork awoke from a Frank Ocean daydream to announce an 8.0 review to the Scissor Tail 8/19 LP only release by Scott Hirsch, Blue Rider Songs.  I mean, I’d barely finished my coffee and the news about this frequent Hiss Golden Messenger collaborator hit my newsfeed! From the hive-mind, naturally.

“When you’ve been traveling as long as Scott Hirsch has, you know better than to expect easy revelations from the road. In the mid-’90s, the California native formed the noise band Ex-Ignota alongside his friend MC Taylor. By the end of the decade, they had broken off as the Court and Spark, an alt-country group that presaged their spiritually inclined outfit Hiss Golden Messenger. Initially, the duo was roughly split into Hirsch’s music backing Taylor’s lyrics, though it became the latter’s project over time. Hirsch took on more of a live role, and after a year of heavy Hiss touring in 2015, he moved from Brooklyn back to California, opened a studio, and started work on his debut solo album. It’s taken a long time for him to let out his voice—a cool, soulful thing filled with deep reverence for his source material, if some cynicism about the myths it’s spun.”


LP cover v2

As you should now well know, Pylon, one of the most important exports from Athens GA’s fertile grounds of the early days of the 80s, have released a brilliant 2xLP on Chunklet, Pylon Live, issued on July 25th, on what would have been guitarist Randy Bewley’s birthday.

Needless to say, the interweb has gone nuts.  Pitchfork gushed an 8.0 review stating “Athens, Georgia post-punk outfit Pylon have become one of the best-remembered forgotten bands, a group that initially survived through namedrops—notably, from their far-more-famous local contemporaries in R.E.M. and the B-52’s—before a late-2000s reissue campaign from DFA Records and cover-song endorsements from Deerhunter more firmly entrenched their place in the canon. While hindsight may position them as the missing link between the caterwauling poetry of Patti Smith and the pin-pricked grooves of PiL, Pylon’s mix of vigor and verbosity has reverberated throughout 21st-century indie rock, informing early-‘00s eccentrics like Life Without Buildings and Love Is All, all the way up to the propulsive polemics of modern-day descendants like Savages and Shopping.”

Do yourself, and your summer a favor. Pick this up. Do it right now. Stop what you’re doing currently. It’s irrelevant anyway.  Pylon Live is truly one of the more important documents of one of the truly important great early indie bands.


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