Fresh off of the presses, fresh outta the truck, fresh outta the box and into the heart of your brain or the brain of your heart, the immortal, the legendary Del Shannon LP only release on Trouble In Mind, The Further Adventures of Charles Westover, have arrived at CTD!

Don’t miss out on this one, cheese.  This is a highly sought after LP in the minds of many a record collector.  Just look at what All Music had to say about it:

“Shannon’s work on this album also differs from usual psychedelic fare because it mixes some earthier textures into its sonic brew: ‘Be My Friend’ enhances its lusty plea for feminine companionship with wailing harmonica and gospel-tinged female backing vocals, and ‘River Cool’ laces its swinging beat with some deliciously soulful organ licks. The overall effect is stunning, managing to fit the tag of psychedelic pop but still retaining the haunting, emotional kind of songwriting that distinguished Del Shannon’s music.”

Wh-wh-wha??!? Joanna Newsom news…




Five years removed from Have One On Me, her oft-lauded 3xLP/3xCD on Drag City, Joanna Newsom meditates on a new album, so says Pitchfork:

“Joanna Newsom has revealed that she’s been recording the follow up to 2010′s Have One on Me, in a new interview with Dazed Digital. ‘I’m working on something new – I should hopefully have a little more news soon,” she said. ‘I’ve been working hard for a lot of those five years on a new idea.’”

(Photo by Annabel Mehran)



It’s been a while since we’ve had all 3 of the classic Decemberists vinyl releases from Jealous Butcher in house and available simultaneously – that being Her Majesty, The Decemberists LP, Castaways & Cutouts LP and The Tain/5 Songs LP.  But that was ancient history.  What’s news is now and vice versa!

In advance of their upcoming new release and tour, all 3 Jealous Butcher Decemberists vinyl titles are in stock now, and ready for your ears to enjoy them!

But this video, it is for both your eyes and ears to enjoy. Or any other body part. (Don’t judge!)

ULTIMATE PAINTING “Ultimate Painting”‘s “Ultimate Painting” on Pitchfork



Trouble In Mind‘s latest S/T LP/CD by Ultimate Painting received some high praise from Pitchfork today.  Of course, said praise is duely warranted. So good that they even put it on color wax. I said it twice. I’ll say it thrice.

“This is minimal, breezy music that’s beautifully constructed. The guitars invoke those from The Velvet Underground, and their melodies are reminiscent of 1980s New Zealand pop songs, or like the sound of more recent Australian bands like Twerps and Dick Diver.”




MITSKI “Bury Me At Makeout Creek” PITCHFORK 7.7!!


Mitski’s latest LP, Bury Me at Makeout Creek, out November 25th from the fine fellows at Double Double Whammy received a 7.7 review on Pitchfork this very morn ~ feast on it, Milhouse:

“Mitski’s broad, tremulous vocals and sly humor recall Angel Olsen, while the equal split between unencumbered acoustic pining and pummeling, mid-fi indie rock respectively aligns her with labelmates Frankie Cosmos and LVL UP. And it lays out a compact scene of domestic bliss, littered with specificities – a lover who wears socks in bed, reads Objectivist poetry, and serves as the breeze in her Austin nights. The final acknowledgement of romantic contentment occurs less than three minutes into Bury Me at Makeout Creek and by its bitter end, the only thing that can bring Mitski comfort is the thought of dying with a clean apartment (‘They’ll think of me kindly/ When they come for my things’).

Though not necessarily nostalgia, the sound of Bury Me at Makeout Creek is inventive and resourceful in a ’90s-indie way. The choruses here soar like power pop, but are subdued by tempo and fidelity, while cheap drum machines are deployed as much for their tone as their rhythm. And even when Bury Me has full band arrangements, everything calls attention to the narrator’s loneliness – awkwardly thumbed basslines, slapdash drumming, a mocking chorale on ‘Carry Me Out’, organ drones that could pass for someone nodding off on the keys.”


Photo by Rafia Santana

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