MITSKI “Bury Me At Makeout Creek” PITCHFORK 7.7!!


Mitski’s latest LP, Bury Me at Makeout Creek, out November 25th from the fine fellows at Double Double Whammy received a 7.7 review on Pitchfork this very morn ~ feast on it, Milhouse:

“Mitski’s broad, tremulous vocals and sly humor recall Angel Olsen, while the equal split between unencumbered acoustic pining and pummeling, mid-fi indie rock respectively aligns her with labelmates Frankie Cosmos and LVL UP. And it lays out a compact scene of domestic bliss, littered with specificities – a lover who wears socks in bed, reads Objectivist poetry, and serves as the breeze in her Austin nights. The final acknowledgement of romantic contentment occurs less than three minutes into Bury Me at Makeout Creek and by its bitter end, the only thing that can bring Mitski comfort is the thought of dying with a clean apartment (‘They’ll think of me kindly/ When they come for my things’).

Though not necessarily nostalgia, the sound of Bury Me at Makeout Creek is inventive and resourceful in a ’90s-indie way. The choruses here soar like power pop, but are subdued by tempo and fidelity, while cheap drum machines are deployed as much for their tone as their rhythm. And even when Bury Me has full band arrangements, everything calls attention to the narrator’s loneliness – awkwardly thumbed basslines, slapdash drumming, a mocking chorale on ‘Carry Me Out’, organ drones that could pass for someone nodding off on the keys.”



Survival Knife, Pink Avalanche, Hungry Ghost TOUR starts this Friday 11/14

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Sure, we have a tour page on the CTD website, but this is truly special. Three bands, Survival Knife, Pink Avalanche & Hungry Ghost (all with records in the CTD exclusive family) will be touring together starting on November 14th.


You might know Survival Knife from the recently released (yesterday!) Survivalized LP on Chunklet, or you might even know them from their Sub Pop 7″ or their Kill Rock Stars 7″ releases, or even their LP/CD on Glacial Pace, titled Loose Power.  Even moreso, you might know that the band contains one Justin Trosper and Brandt Sandeno, they from Numero boasted Unwound.  It gets even better.


Pink Avalanche‘s 2nd album The Luminous Heart of Nowhere on LP on Past/Futures will be released (to much hoopla) on November 18th.  Even Vice/Noisey know’s what’s what – they premiered their “In Empty Spaces” video a few weeks ago. Of course, you may recognize members of the band from their work with Russian Circles, Bob Mould, Brokeback, Atombombpocketknife, The Poison Arrows and others. Get ready.


Hungry Ghost self-released their S/T LP/CD a few years back, and includes one Mrs. Sara Lund (from the Corin Tucker Band and yep, also of Unwound) and Andrew Price from the Irving Klaw Trio.  They’ve been playing around the NW for a few years now, and are making the trek eastward for the first time.

Speaking of first times, this is the first time that both Sara Lund and Justin Trosper of Unwound will head to the east coast of these United States in over a decade.   Each band will have records & t-shirts for sale, so come, throw your money at them. Or even throw someone else’s money at them!

With that, the “Hungry Pink Knife” tour is ready for you -

11/14 – Chicago, IL at Subterranean

11/15 – Grand Rapids, MI at Founders Brewery

11/16 – Columbus, OH at Double Happiness

11/17 – Cleveland, OH at The Grog Shop

11/18 – Philadelphia, PA at The Boot & Saddle

11/19 – Washington DC at DC9

11/20 – Allston, MA at Great Scott

11/21 – Pawtucket, RI at The Met

11/22 – Brooklyn, NY at Brooklyn Night Bazaar (with Obits!)

(poster by the renowned, pizza-loving, Mr. Jay Ryan, and yessir/yes ma’am, it’ll be for sale at the shows!)

Red Red Meat “There’s A Star Above The Manger (Reissue)” on Pitchfork Advance


Red Red Meat, at the very least, are a part of the cognizenti of Chicago old-school rockers.  Old-school as in the 90s.  As in better than the “Aughts”.  That said, Red Red Meat (whose members have gone on to further pursuits, such as recording such luminaries as Modest Mouse, and forming & touring as Califone), are now ready to unleash the first in their back catalog vinyl only reissue campaign – that being There’s A Star Above The Manger Tonight on LP via the red-red-meatheads at Jealous Butcher.  The album was originally issued in 1996 on Sub Pop.

The reissue comes as a 2xLP, and is chocked full of extra tracks.  The release is streaming (you know it!) at Pitchfork Advance right now.  Check it out here.

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