A word (or three) regarding “Censorship Now!!” by Ian F. Svenonius

Words. What are they good for? Well, for one, they fill those things called “pages” in these other items termed “books”, of which, Ian F. Svenonius (he, of Nation of Ulysses, Make-Up, Weird War, Scene Creamers, Chain & The Gang, et al), has several.  The latest (and naturally, greatest) of his repetoire is Censorship Now!! on Akashic Books (available in plebian paperback edition and hoity-toity hardback edition).  Pitchfork‘s The Pitch currently features our hero, his struggles, his (will to) triumphs, and most importantly a synopsis of Censorship Now!!



Censorship Now!! simultaneously deals in the heated rhetoric of insurgent calls to action, the seductive broad strokes of propaganda, and the clever winking of surrealist humor. Often when I’m really convinced Svenonius has gone off a paranoid deep end, the next sentence hits back with knowingly-hilarious exaggeration or profoundly spot-on analysis, realigning my perspective and making me wonder again.”


(photo of Ian F. Svenonius by Cheryl Dunn)




Let me admit something to you. I like loud rock music. I mean, nothing else other than, practically.  As in, LOUD ROCK MUSIC.  All caps is appropriate here. Pitchfork weighed in on “Blur World” today – the latest absolute skull crusher of a cut from Psychic Blood‘s Wharf Cat LP Alien.

“At best, as on the pulse-shattering ‘Blur World’, Psychic Blood’s whirring noise feels like a fundamental part of their blunt beats, hammered riffs, and crazed screams, rather than a byproduct. Much like the Men circa their splattering 2011 classic Leave Home, this Massachussets trio knows that a simple song can transcend mundanity when it spills outside its own lines. So even though “Blur World” is sharply and skillfully executed, it ultimately sounds more like a frantic, rabid animal than a well-oiled machine. And while the song’s title may be a bit too on the nose, the music itself is an addictive way to box your own ears.”




Bichkraft are from Kiev, but don’t let that freak you out (or perhaps, yes, let that freak you out – in the nicest way, of course). The fine gents at Wharf Cat released their stellar LP/CD Mascot in early 2015. Courtesy of Noisey/Vice, their skull-melting, tripped-out live video for ”Bolshoy Krasniy Halat (Big Red Robe)” premiered this very morning. This was filmed at the Moscow Psych Festival, & according to Noisey/Vice, “The band’s brand of psychedelia isn’t cheesy or corny kids trying to look like hippies, it’s music that is genuinely weird and at times discomforting. Listening to the track feels like being in a tunnel of noise, warping everywhere. You won’t know where you’ll end up, but you know it’ll be fucking bizarre.”

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