Everybody. Listen to me. Stop what you are doing **right now**.  It’s unimportant, I guarantee it.

You need to watch this video of the one and only Ty Segall performing the TOTAL UNABASHED CUT entitled “Feel” off of his new Drag City 2xLP/CD/CAS, Manipulator.  And he shows us all EXACTLY HOW IT IS MO-FO’N DONE.

Watch and learn, folks, watch and learn. Get ready for Manipulator to rip through your brainbox on August 26th.

BLACK BANANAS “Electric Brick Wall” PITCHFORK 7.7

Jennifer Herrema’s dulcet tones are no stranger to these ears.  Whether with the (al)mighty Royal Trux or RTX, the lady still knows a-thing-or-two-about-a-thing-or-two.  Pitchfork’s got the knowledge as well – they awarded Black Bananas new LP/CD/CAS, Electric Brick Wall, out now on Drag City, a 7.7 review this morning. And if that’s not enough (or is it enuff?) to tickle the innermost of your ears, check out the video for “Powder 8 Eeeeeeeeight” below.

From the ‘Fork:

Electric Brick Wall is a far more coherent synthesis of those disparate influences, and possibly her strongest record since the Trux’s peak. The album’s female-fronted pileup of overblown drum machines and retro guitar riffage shares surface similarities with Sleigh Bells, but instead of that band’s shimmering, pixellated gleam, Black Bananas give off a debauched, grimy aura. When they evoke the Sunset Strip in the ’80s it’s not the fictionalized version served up by the Motley Crüe wannabes of the time but the seedy real-life version,with rumbling rap beats mixed in for kicks.”

Directed by Amanda Milius



Oren Ambarchi, Stephen O’Malley and Randall Dunn‘s latest/greatest effort Shade Themes from Kairos on 2xLP from our friends at Drag City appeared on Pitchfork this morning, and those nutty professors at Pitchfork awarded it a 7.4 rating.

“Though Stephen O’ Malley, Randall Dunn, and Oren Ambarchi have exhausting rosters of collaborations and contributions, their respective drone-and-doom credits remain preeminent for many. O’ Malley, for instance, is best known for co-founding the metal monolith Sunn O))), a band that Dunn not only records in the studio but engineers and mixes on the stage, too, serving as a shadowed albeit essential auxiliary member. Ambarchi, an Australian multi-instrumentalist with an insatiable taste for new musical idioms and approaches, seems to release another album every quarter; still, to casual listeners, he’s most associated with powerful contributions to the most recent Sunn O))) albums or, at best, a set of LPs released through the band’s own Southern Lord mothership a decade ago.

So, then, Shade Themes satisfies its stylistic prerequisites by closing with ‘Ebona Pagoda,’ an ultra-coruscant reduction of the epics that shape as Sunn O)))’s core. Gently distorted guitars hang like fog over oscillating peals of organ. When those sounds intersect at just the right angle, the hum breaks through the amplified haze like sunlight, the solitary beams refracted into infinity. It’s beautiful, but that’s not the reason you should listen to Shade Themes. Instead, this trio’s collective résumé turns the preceding four tracks into a wonderland of intrigue, where disparate influences twist and turn into uncanny phantasms.”




Indiana is famous for many things – the Pacers, Larry Bird, being flat as a pancake (among other things), but add this to that list and do it quick – legendary punk icons, the ZERO BOYS have return on 5/20/2014 with their first release in over 20 years, Monkey on LP and CD.

They’ve even produced a video for the track “Third Strike” ~

AND – in tried/true fashion, they are going on tour, so be sure to catch this rare opportunity to see them totally kill it live!

05/08 – Seattle, WA @ Chop Suey
05/09 – Vancouver, BC @ Funky’s
05/10 – Portland, OR @ Slabtown
05/11 – San Francisco, CA @ Thee Parkside
05/12 – Sacramento, CA @ The Press Club
05/16 – Santa Ana, CA @ The Observatory
05/17 – Long Beach, CA @ Alex’s Bar
05/18 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Redwood
05/18 – San Diego @ CA Soda Bar


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