Since releasing his debut in 2007, the golden-locked garage rocker Ty Segall has been shockingly prolific, releasing no fewer than nine full-length albums, not to mention his contributions to records by other bands like Fuzz, Sic Alps and White Fence, plus an LP recorded with his fellow singer-songwriter Mikal Cronin. With each outing, Segall has both refined and scuffed up his love for early-’70s rock. For his expansive new album, Manipulator, he eased off the gas pedal slightly, taking 14 months to write, record and even arrange a string section for it. The album’s sense of craft is mirrored by the video for the title track, made by the director Matt Yoka, which premieres here. An interactive version of the video, now live on Segall’s site, plays on the song’s title by allowing the listener to manipulate visual elements within the frame by pointing and clicking.





“A 7.8 review on Pitchfork does not a dynasty make,” said some famous historic figure, (probably Socrates), Ty Segall set the record straight with the release of Manipulator his new Drag City 2xLP/CD/CAS.  It’s an absolute ripper.

No. It rips rippers. Guaranteed better than any of the cover songs that Aracade (*yawn*) Fire have embarrassed themselves and their audiences with on their 2014 tour . It’s a suicide-ride of an album, the way they used to make ‘em – full to the brim of equal parts sweat, swagger, & sweetness. Make that equal parts ROCK and ROLL (remember that?). I mean, even Henry Rollins read the review on Pitchfork and “was disgusted!”




Everybody. Listen to me. Stop what you are doing **right now**.  It’s unimportant, I guarantee it.

You need to watch this video of the one and only Ty Segall performing the TOTAL UNABASHED CUT entitled “Feel” off of his new Drag City 2xLP/CD/CAS, Manipulator.  And he shows us all EXACTLY HOW IT IS MO-FO’N DONE.

Watch and learn, folks, watch and learn. Get ready for Manipulator to rip through your brainbox on August 26th.

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