While we certainly have been celebrating the SCOTUS’ amazing and long-overdue decision today, we also want to direct your celebratory attention to Chicago’s own Electric Hawk.  They released their stellar new album Electric Hawk II on LP only back in . They’re a metal band, but don’t let that wrinkle your drawers.  They are the type of band that has an infectious current of fun (remember that?) woven in their skull crushing songs.  The Chicago Reader, even boasted about the band in the Best of Chicago 2015 issue recently ~

“Drummer Noah Leger, who plays in ultraminimal postpunk outfit Disappears, holds down a day job behind the kit in the Blue Man Group’s onstage backing band. In 2009, after years of throwing ideas around, he and two other Blue Man musicians, Las Vegas natives Mike Burns (guitar) and Graham McLachlan (bass), put their mutual love of Iron Maiden to work and formed the instrumental trio Electric Hawk, which has to be one of the gnarliest bands to worm its way out of that kid-friendly production. All three musicians can play at a wizardly level, and on the brand-new Electric Hawk II (recorded at Electrical Audio by all-things-heavy engineer Andrew Schneider, who’s also worked with the likes of Pelican, Cave In, and Big Business), they hammer out a virtuosic, over-the-top prog-metal epic, welding together complex rhythms, growling low end, and spaced-out guitar solos. It’s an impossibly heavy and incredibly fun album, and the band is even better live, with Leger’s dexterous drumming usually the focal point—it’s music for shredders by shredders.”

Electric Hawk at Strobe Sessions

Photo by Andrea Bauer

EYELIDS return with 12″ EP out June 23 (digital)/June 30 (physical)!!

Portland-based Eyelids, featuring John Moen (Decemberists) and Chris Slusarenko (Guided By Voices, Boston Spaceships), will release a Peter Buck-produced, self-titled EP on June 23 (digital)/June 30 (physical). “Broken Continue” is a short and sweet sampling of the band’s sound, a bright, full kind of folk rock. The video for “Broken Continue” features the group performing in very close quarters, as if onstage at an elementary-school play. The clip is a tribute to 1966 U.K. film Pop Gear.

Did we mention that the self-titled EP is limited edition of 500? Well, it is. Did we mention that all of ‘em are on blue color vinyl?  Well, they are! Act fast cuz once they are gone, they will remain so!



We could not be more thrilled to announce that we’ve added Wharf Cat Records to our exclusive list of labels. Wharf Cat are young, verile, and ready to rumble. And they release albums. June 9th sees the landing of their latest LP/CD, Mosaic, from Brooklyn’s finest Ancient Sky.  But don’t take my word for it.  Take far more reputable words from other people (whom you’ve likely never met) for it:

Their latest absolute cut “Two Lights” was featured on Noisey/Vice, who stated that “Though they’ve been lurking in the shadows for a while now with crossovers into other bands like Holy Sons and Dommengang, Ancient Sky shows nothing but brute strength and potential on ‘Two Lights,’ a lumbering, lead-footed kick in the ass.”

Their previous (and equally absolute) cut “Garbage Brain” was featured on Stereogum, XS Noise & After Ellen, all remarking how the psych heavyweights have a unique approach to hallucinogenic bombast: two drummers & one of everything else (guitar, bass, keys).” Impose, added that “Garbage Brain” is a “head full of garage geared tapestries of perfect noise”, while Styrofoam Drone commented that “Ancient Sky continue to pioneer their own take on space rock by mixing in murky folk and other noisy elements for an ultimately vast and expansive psychedelic experience.”  I cannot make this stuff up. Even if I try (sometimes I do).  Be on the ball and get your copy TODAY!


It’s been a harsh winter, and though summer is merely peeking it’s wary head out thus far in Chicago, 2015, we feel pretty certain (ie: no scientific proof) that summer WILL happen.  RIGHT!?!?!?!? Mega-awesome label (and CTD exclusive), Beyond Beyond Is Beyond have to sweat it out in Brooklyn, NY.  They’ve already pummelled humanity with releases from Kikagaku Moyo, Myrrors, Prince Rupert’s Drops, Entrance Band, Worthless, & Montibus Communitas, just to name a few – and they have sensors set to stun the heart-of-your-brain with their recent & upcoming releases! I would not kid you.


MyrrorsLP/CD/CAS release Arena Negra began its meteoric build back in March, & between reviews from such luminaires as Backseat Mafia, CVLT Nation, Under The Radar, Relix, Active Listener, Big Takeover &  Impose noticing that “…like a quintet of nomadic spirit seekers on a vision quest to confront the other side, Nik Rayne, Grant Beyschau, Cody Schwartz, Connor Gallaher & Miguel Urbina knit together electric processional drone designed masterpieces that serve as one part audio aesthetics, & one part spiritual road map to transcendence,” & Consequence of Sound harping on how “…The Myrrors exist because the work of psych is never done. The question is, how can they compete in a genre overflowing with life? The answer, care of Arena Negra: extreme reverence,” we’ve been inudated with requests. DO. NOT. MISS what very well may be the next “big thing.” Need we say more?


Heaters Mean Green 7″ was released in late April, and the reaction has been nuclear (in the nicest of ways, natch)! – be it reviews in Magnet, StereogumStyrofoam Drone, Sly Vinyl, a video premier on Under The Gun and Noisey/Vice, this psychedelic wall of sound will incite a riot in your mind! Even the braintrust at Pitchfork/The Pitch chimed in ~ ”Heaters from Grand Rapids keep the psychedelic fire with their latest pair of nuggets, ‘Mean Green’ b/w ‘Levitate Thigh’ on Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records.” Keep your eyes peeled for a full length in the future. Get ready.


June 30th sees the release of Blood Moon by Ancient Ocean on LP/CD/retail-only-color-vinyl-LP.  Press has been steamy at the very least for Ancient Ocean  - Noisey/Vice mentioned that “Ancient Ocean is all about synth, lightly textured drones, and the wide-open spaces in between.” NPR premiered the track “Beargrass Creek”, noting that  ”…the 14-minute ‘Beargrass Creek’ gently rocks to and fro, seeking rhythmic harmony in synths & strings…With guests Aaron Martin on cello and bowed banjo, Craig Schenker on sax, and Destruction Unit’s JS Aurelius on processed piano, ‘Beargrass Creek’ sounds like a smoothed-out version of one of Richard Skelton’s frenzied-yet-zen ambient-classical landscapes. But where Skelton’s work has a way of fluttering as it draws you in, ‘Beargrass Creek’ crests and falls all around you.”  Impose even got “real head-y” about it - ”The movements gradually move about the astral plane as humankind looks deep into the sequences of stars, and the odd — yet natural — formation of planets for all the answers and questions that we do not possess.”






Melbourne, Florida, the new Trouble In Mind LP (both black vinyl & limited-edition-color vinyl)/CD from our friends down under, Dick Diver, received a Pitchfork 7.8 review today -

“Attracting comparisons to Dunedin bands like the Clean—an alleged influence the band are quick to protest—their jangly, working class rock inspired unlikely thinkpieces about new movements in Australian music towards reclaiming Australian-ness. Finally here was a band, the thinking went, that were proudly Australian without the conservative baggage, and could articulate the lives of working class youth—even make it seem romantic—with elegant melodies and deft lyricism, painting vibrant portraits of forlorn suburbs and tacit class warfare.

Dick Diver sound at peace on Melbourne, Florida, both certain of what they are now and certain that they could be almost anything in the future. Last year, Edwards was afraid that Dick Diver risked a dangerous entrenchment with the connotations the band had accrued, but this album breaks open new possibilities for them. Whether that’s welcomed, or they have to pursue new careers in pro-gaming, Melbourne, Florida is an exciting progression to old fans, and a solid entry point for new audiences.”

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