Bambara know a few things about heavy music.  Not music for those who with weight issues (please, no mansplaining, please no image war, here) but about heavy music. Like the kind that erupts out of the speakers, (sucker)punches you in the dead-center of your chest with each kick drum beat, nearly induces stomach quivers as the bass & guitar churn away, and makes those (lovely) eyes of yours widen with intent.  And it’s all on Swarm, their recently released LP on Arrowhawk.

Aside from their contribution (and lead image within, to boot!) in the Observer regarding heavy music, BKMag noted about the band that “…even noise must be furnished by those who know their way around a rough edge–and these three do. Expect more refined, pulsing darkness to emerge from their Bushwick basement at any given moment,” citing them as one of the upcoming NYC bands to pay attention to, AND…Vice/Noisey have premiered their video for “All The Ugly Things.”

BAMBARA – All The Ugly Things from blaze bateh on Vimeo.


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Native Sound has uped the ante on May, 2016 with three releases – Plastic Flowers LP offering Heavenly and Divino Nino‘s cassette only release Shady Sexyfornia Tapes on May 13th & the latest sonic attack from Miserable on LP, Uncontrollable, on May 20th. Consider yourself forewarned.

Plastic Flowers (aka: George Samaras) May 13th LP only release is what Exclaim! calls ““… a gentle, mesmerizing blend of shoegazing guitars, serene synths and dreamy, echoing vocal harmonies…,” and what USA Today likens to “…Pains of Being Pure At Heart, think The Drums, think the lighter moments of My Bloody Valentine. It’s got elements of all of them, and I can already see some teenager out there falling in love with this song and memorizing every word.”  Drunken Werewolf offered that “There’s something of Slowdive in the shimmering guitar sound too, maybe a little of early Bloc Party at their most plaintive, and there is no doubt a genealogical connection between Samaras’ work and the first two Wild Nothing albums.”  Modern Vinyl checked in as well – stating the album is full of “Airy synth pads linger over unadorned guitar, mixing electronic escapism with worldly, human touch,” and even CNN Greece has taken note with a full feature interview with Plastic Flowers, showcasing Greek artists that bloom in world music.

Chicago’s Divino Nino have premiered their Godzilla-on-Ketamine-type video for “Le Bon Gripper” via Flood and Noisey/Vice calls them “…a band known for slinky garage-psych with hella pop harmonies and liberal use of percussion. They sound a bit like the band that plays at The Roadhouse in Twin Peaks, or Mac Demarco if Mac Demarco was somehow a thousand times more chill than he already is.”

Miserable‘s (aka: Kristina Esfandiari) Uncontrollable has garnered such accolades as “..a collection of dreamy melancholy songs that will pull you towards the sun! Miserable is the kind of music that will wash over your thoughts and realign your unhappy life,” from CVLTNATION, and from the likes of The Bay Bridged who state “…Something about this emotional traversing, the distance between the song’s lyrical sadness and its eventually-beautiful melody, seems so essential for coping with loss. The song’s range of emotional articulation, the way it makes one feeling from its opposite, feels like its only help.” Billboard‘s editors picked “Violet” as one of their 9 Best Songs of The Week, in fact. Impose & The Fader mention “The states of confusion, matters of emotion and urgencies that spiral out of the securities that control offers are placed upon a saddened stage adorned by restrained reverberations of weeping, wailing, moaning, & murmuring guitars,” and that “Violet” is “… a particularly poignant, shoegazey track that gets deep under the skin—not only with Esfandiari’s boundless voice, but with the slow beating drums, steady, ominous melody, and the rise of tension in the form of fuzz and reverb.” Even those big wigs at Pitchfork pointed out that “Esfandiari’s anguished vocals summon heartbreaking ghosts, treasured memories, faded photographs on a wall. And like a friendship that decays instead of ending cleanly, “Violet” offers no sense of closure. The song’s weight lingers after its coda of cascading guitar feedback has ceased to ring, leaving a hollowed-out feeling that colors the world just a bit more blue.”


Looks like your May just got MADE.




Debo Band will release the absolutely fantastic Ere Gobez on 2xLP/CD on May 20th, via FPE.  Their brand of Ethiopian progressive jazzy lushness impressed a range of heavy hitters such as Sub Pop (who released their S/T debut in 2012), SPIN, NPR, Pitchfork & Pop Matters to name a few, & their upcoming release is no doubt going to leave an impression upon impact.

Ere Gobez is what WRIR’s Global A-Go-Go in Richmond, VA calls “…“This is one of the most imaginative, exciting world music projects in the USA today”, & with good reason. The Boston band (yes, Boston) “breathes new life & funk into Ethiopia’s music depository” according to OkayAfrica; & when previewed for their MASS Moca show, they play a sort of music that “…can trace a journey, & in the case of Debo Band, this includes the personal along with the spiritual & sonic. Its mix of Ethiopian pop with tinges of American soul & funk reflects the heritage of bandleader & saxophonist Danny Mekonnen, but it also holds the story of his arrival in the United States & the band’s birth and continued evolution in the Boston area.”

F-ROOTS Magazine stated “This isn’t just a straight up recreation of the Ethiopiques sound. There are Ethio-ised covers of tunes by Duke Ellington & Somalia’s Dur Dur band, even an Okinowan song from the 1940s! Arrangements are heavy on offbeat drumming, thrashy guitar & squalling bass. Who else is doing anything like this?  The collaboration between Holland’s The Ex & Ethio jazzer Getatchew Mekuria (RIP) comes closest…”.  Perceptive Travel noted the “Unorthodox instrumentation like electric violin, accordion, wailing electric guitar, & sousaphone add texture and flavor to a postmodern mash-up that blends Ethiopian music with other world music styles & rollicking straightforward rock.”

May 20th. Mark your calendars.







Grind Select‘s LP offering from Museyroom, Pearly Whites was released a wee-few moments ago in late March, and the accolades are starting to pummel our senses! IMPOSE calls it a “dazzling and remarkably polished – well worth the years of work leading up to its release”, FLOOD applaudes the LP stating “Imagine Merriweather Post Pavilion – era Animal Collective trying to recreate their original campfire vibes”, while SPIN and STEREOGUM both note the album “immerses listeners in otherworldly soundscapes” and is “…A multitude of eccentric genres melding into one, an epic and dreamy experiment…”. PASTE premiered the video for “Ballad” as well!



Arrowhawk Records‘ latest LP Swarm, by Brooklynites Bambara has a bevy of press lining up and for good reason –  TINY MIX TAPES, SPIN, TREBLE, NPR MUSIC, VILLAGE VOICE, SECRET DECODER, NERDIST, NORTHERN TRANSMISSIONS, and JOY OF VIOLENT MOVEMENT have all taken notice of Swarm, and the ultra-cuts “An Ill Son” and “Filled Up With Night”.

In fact, DIAMOND DEPOSITS have already touted that “An Ill Son” is one of the best tracks of the year.  NPR, PASTE, and IMPOSE each(!) have been so delighted that they’ve posted slideshows/pics of Bambara performing at SXSW 2016.

Out now, Swarm is ready for you. Ready to annihilate your week (in the nicest/best way, of course)!

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